Work Experience

  • Work Experience

    Work Experience program is also referred to as Holiday Internship or High School Holiday Internship targets students from 15 to 19...

College Internship

  • College Internship

    After completing your high school studies, you are ready to proceed to the next level……university/college. In college you will...

Graduates Internship

  • Graduate Internship

    Our program provides you with the opportunity to spend time with accomplished professionals in your field of study or...

Fact: Internship is a Necessary Evil

When you mention "internship" to a group of people, they react differently based either on their understanding of what it is, personal experience or hearsay.  Those who have been through an...Read More

3 Methods to Determine Your Personality

What's your personality or why do you like to do things in a certain way, and find other people odd when they do not seem to react to things the same way you? It comes down to your personality....Read More