About iWork

iWork Program offers premium services to students and graduates in search of  internship placements.

These placements are coupled with training programs at each level aimed at equipping young people with practical skills which they can apply in school and while on internship.

The programs are titled, Beyond Self, Launch Pad and Actualize, while the placements are classified into Work Experience, College and Graduates Internship. 

These programs are tailor made for high school students (during school holidays), during the gap year, undergrads (during college breaks) and graduates after graduation.

iWork programs are aimed at providing students with a chance to experience the real world of work.

In doing so, we provide young people with opportunities to literally "try out" their careers and venture into different careers in order to finally make the right choice.

As a student, iWork Programs will help you develop:

  • Work ethics
  • Self confidence
  • Professionalism
  • Time management skills
  • Better communication skills
  • Ability to match your academic accomplishments with career expectations

We have partnered with various organizations with whom we closely work to ensure success of each student in the program.

Once you register for a program, we take it upon ourselves to ensure your placement in an organization which will provide you with the best insights into your future career.

We closely monitor each student’s progress while on internship, providing the necessary support to help them garner maximum experience.

For more information on our programs, we invite you to contact us via email us, call us or visit our offices.