Internship ProgramIt the wish of every employer to hire new and experienced employees, who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to “hit the ground running.” 

This wish however conflicts with reality. 

One of the ways that organizations can meet their staffing needs today and as well as prepare quality workforce for the future is through adopting internship programs.

By partnering with us at iWork, employer organizations stand to eliminate the hassle that comes with sourcing and managing this cadre of pre-professionals, attached to organizations on internships.


Our Services

At iWork, we provide our partner employer organizations with:-

  • Access to a primed pool of internship ready students  
  • A year round source of highly motivated pre-professionals
  • Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects
  • Flexible, cost-effective work force that does not require a long-term employment commitment
  • Assistance with developing BEST internship programs tailor made to meet their specific needs
  • Manage interns on your behalf through the program coordinators


About Internships

 An internship is a monitored work experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what she or he is learning throughout the experience.

 Although internships programs vary from organization to organization, some common characteristics include;

  • They are periodic – 2 weeks to 3 months
  • May be part time or full time
  • May be paid or non-paid
  • They include learning objectives, observation, reflection, evaluation and assessment.
  • Have an existing employee working in the department to mentor and supervise the intern.
  • Seeks to establish a reasonable balance between the interns’ learning goals and the specific work tasks of an organization.
  • Promotes academic, career and/or personal development.


Tasks interns can under take

 For the internship program to be successful and mutually beneficial, it is good to identify tasks/duties the interns will be expected to undertake while on internships.

 Such tasks as:-

  • Data entry and report writing
  • Preparing manuals and handbooks
  • Designing posters, graphs and charts
  • Performing software and hardware end user support
  • Conducting market research, surveys and studies
  • Compiling reports and preparing presentations
  • Preparing budgets and financial reports
  • Laboratory works such running tests


Internship Program Benefits for Employers

  There are a range of benefits which employers derive from internship programs, these are such as:

  • The opportunity to have new or fresh ideas injected into existing processes, procedures and programs in the organization
  • Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects without long term commitments
  • Add value to your organization, by tapping into this pool of high quality, reflective and analytical thinker, who are motivated and ready to get involved
  • The increased visibility of your organization on college campuses and the wider community
  • The freedom for professional staff to pursue other important projects and tasks  Access to a cost effective staffing solution
  • Develop your existing staff’s mentorship and supervisory skills while working with our interns
  • Provides opportunity to evaluate candidates before new employees can be hired.


How it Works

We partner with organizations in all sectors of the economy from small business enterprises to large profit making Organizations, Parastatals, Non-Governmental Organizations and International Firms.

Our pool of interns is drawn from local public and private universities and colleges.

Each student is evaluated upon joining the program and their specific skill set identified and are matched to the complimenting internship opportunities as they become available.

We encourage partner employers’ organizations to develop internship job descriptions detailing the tasks the interns are expected to perform while at their placement post. Also provide us with a brief on the organization's on the rules, which we will add on to our training program for the students. These are such as:-

  • Dress code
  • Reporting time
  • Office etiquette  ......among others.

To partner with us, call Pauline on +254 722 483 423, or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.