College Internship

College Internship StudentsAfter completing your high school studies, you are ready to proceed to the next level……university/college.

In college you will have to select a field of study this will most likely be determined by the grades you scored and combination of subjects studied in high school.

Once you have joined the university/college, you will need a deep understanding on application of the theory you will be learning in class.

Our College Internship program accords you the opportunity to experience first-hand practical application of principles learnt in class.

We will place you in organizations relevant to your field of study and in which you can have a rich out of class experience.

As a prerequisite, join our Launch Pad Program to get started.

Benefits to the intern:

Over and above helping you develop strong work ethics which encompasses moral values desirable by employers, such are:

1.       Integrity

2.       Sense of responsibility

3.       Discipline

4.       Value for quality of work

5.       Sense of teamwork

 You will also enjoy the following benefits:-

  • Develop self-confidence and ability portray good image
  • Work experience will give you valuable insights on your future career
  • Helps you make informed decisions on your academic performance to help achieve your future career goals
  • Exposes you to the real tasks the career choice will demand from you
  • Work experience while on internship will add value to your resume

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