Work Experience

Work ExperienceWork Experience program is also referred to as Holiday Internship or High School Holiday Internship targets students from 15 to 19 years of age.

We encourage students to join this program during their school holidays or during "Gap Year" (the period after high school and joining college).

This program is aimed at exposing young people to work situations in the real world.They get to sample working in their dream careers before they are out of school.

Such exposure not only allows them gain hands on experience on the job but it also enables them to evaluate if they can work they dream.

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Benefits to the participant:

      Over and above helping you develop strong work ethics which encompasses moral values desirable by employers, such as: -

  • Integrity
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Value for quality of work
  • Sense of teamwork

You will also enjoy the following benefits:-

  • Develop self-confidence and ability portray good image
  • Work experience will give you valuable insights on your future career
  • Helps you make informed decisions on your academic performance to help achieve your future career goals
  • Exposes you to the real tasks the career choice will demand from you
  • Allows you to try out and have a feel of different careers before you decide on which one best suits you
  • Work experience will add value to your resume


Parents and guardians also stand to benefit from this program.

These benefits include:

You will notice positive development in your young adult such as:

  • They become more self-confident and develop a better sense of discipline and accountability both to themselves and others
  • Their future careers are no longer dreams but they have the ability to experience first-hand to decide whether they are best suited for the real work.
  • After engaging in work experience, they will be in a position to make better and informed career choices
  • Their academic performance is bound to improve as they now know the basic entry requirements of their future careers

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