Beyond Self Program

Beyond Self Program for High SchoolersBeyond Self is a program developed specifically for high school students.

This is a delicate stage in the life of every young person - TEENAGE-HOOD. A lot is going on with joining high school, to making new friends, to discovering themselves and coping with demands from the community around them, either at school or at home, it can be overwhelming.

A lot of their life too is centered around themselves and their peers. They tend to ignore the rest of the world, which does not work out very well for them in the long run.

At iWork, we have developed a program to equip high school students with practical skills to help them cope better the situations the face daily. And also draw them out to realize there is more to life beyond themselves.

The topics we cover in this program include:

  • Discovering self
  • Building self confidence
  • Managing change
  • Communication skills
  • Developing personal values
  • Social skills (Personal & Professional)

Beyond Self program runs in two parts:

Part 1: 5-Day training program during which you are equipped as we cover the topics highlighted above.

Part 2: You are placed in a leading partner organization for a two weeks work experience program during each school holiday in the year. During this period you will be required to remain in touch with your program coordinator at iWork.

See our Work Experience Program for more details

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