Launch Pad Program

Launch Pad Program for College StudentsLaunch Pad is a program for Form Four Leavers (Ex-Cans) and College Students.

The program aims at equipping students with practical skills as they transit from high school to college.

And while in college they will use the skills gained to adjust favorably and attain excellence in all areas of their life.

These skills include;

     * Time management

     * Personal value system

     * Managing change during transition

     * Managing social life and relationships

     * Professional work ethics


The Launch Pad program runs in two parts:

Part 1: 5-Day training program during which you are equipped with the above skills.

Part 2: You are placed in a leading partner organization on an internship program for a period of twelve weeks. During this period you will be required to remain in touch with your program coordinator at iWork.

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